Valheim, Persona 5 Strikers, Baldurs Gate III and not just — on the fresh Steam chart

Valve introduced a fresh Steam chart, games in which are ordered by revenue for the week. And the leader of the list again became Valheim, the sales of which recently exceeded 4 million copies. The tenth place a week earlier Persona 5 Strikers this time took two positions at once — fourth and fifth places in different editions of the game.

Next are Stardew Valley, which this year is 5 years old (and on which recently released a post), as well as the received demo of Outriders and & The full edition of Nioh 2. A closes Baldur‘s Gate III list, which in the week received its fourth major update with a new class — Druid, and Operation Broken Fang in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Chart February 22—28 Valheim Valve Index VR Kit Tale of Immortal — Persona 5 Strikers Persona 5 Strikers Stardew Valley Outriders (pre-orders) Nioh 2 — The Complete Edition Baldur’s Gate III Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — Operation Broken Fang . Chart from 15 to 21 FebruaryMore on CCeit In the new trailer Boundary revealed few seconds of gameplay The circulation of the Football Manager series exceeded 33 million Apex Legends once again broke its record on Steam.