Valheim players prepare to trek to the Foggy Lands

About a month ago, Iron Gate Studio released the first major update to Hearth & Home, which was an important stage in Valheims development. The release brought the adventure survival game back to the top Steam sales. And now the team is working on new content.

The future Mistlands expansion will dedicate to a new biome, the Foggy Lands. It has not yet been finalized what the new location will look like, but it is going to be devoted not so much to construction as to adventure and exploration.

significant part of the team. But for now they have nothing to tell.

Meanwhile, developers are also working on an update to the Mountain biome, which will be released as an interim patch. And a couple of concept art shows what mood the studio wants to get up.

The Scandinavian Valheim Survivor came out early in February and is gathering very positive reviews. You can buy it for 435 rubles.

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