Valheim survival simulator went into early access

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio announced that co-operative open-world survivor Valheim has entered early Steam access. Beginner Vikings can already go to purgatory alone or with reliable allies and test themselves in battle with the creatures of Norse mythology. In Valheim players are waiting for a huge procedurally generated the world that fallen warriors fall into.

And learn that the afterworld, conceived as the abode of peace and peace, is captured by powerful mythical creatures. In multiplayer mode, squads of up to 10 players are provided, but the creators advise for now, limit themselves to 3-5 people.

During early access, the recommended group sizes will be rasp. In the coming year, developers plan to release four major updates.

During early access, the combat system, online interactions and lunar phases will be improved. New locations will open and maybe a sandbox mode.

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