Valorant and Destiny 2 authors unite against cheat makers in court

Riot Games and Bungie filed a class action lawsuit against GatorCheats, creators of cheats for Valorant, Destiny 2 and other games. Companies estimate the revenue of GatorCheats, owned by Cameron Santos, at tens or hundreds thousands of dollars. The cost of cheats ranged from $90 a month to $500 for lifetime access.

Chits GatorCheats engaged in automatic aiming weapons, revealed the location of rivals and gave access to a vast array of other information that would otherwise be hidden. Previously, Bungie had already contacted GatorCheats representatives who agreed to stop selling cheats for Destiny 2 after receiving a complaint.

However, the company claims that sales of cheats continued in the closed part of the site. Riot Games and Bungie demand a halt to GatorCheats activity.

The damages could total millions of dollars, according to the lawsuit. More on Gambling Officially: โ€œZombieโ€ mode Black Ops Cold War will become temporarily free The creators of Valorant introduced gameplay for a new agent, Yoru Super Baby 2 against everyone and himself in the fresh gameplay Dragon Ball FighterZ.