Valorant authors changed Reyna and Yoru and ‘tame’ Stinger

Riot Games once again told about what is waiting for players in patch 2. 03 to the action Valorant. Earlier, we have already presented the Escalation mode, in which teams need to overcome 12 levels as quickly as possible.

And now they explained how agents and weapons will change. And the most large-scale alteration underwent Reyna and Yoru.

U Reyna took advantage over random opponents, reducing the number of charges and making a number of skills more expensive. But at the same time, it will remain effective in the team game, as it will receive spheres of souls from wounded enemies.

And the Empress ultimate is still able to mow the entire enemy command. Work on Yoru is still underway, so the first changes are just the beginning of a global transformation.

Now it will be easier for him to understand whether enemies notice the installation of Uninvited Guest portals. And during the action of the Spatial Drift ultimate, he and his team see a mini-map and opponents.

In particular, Stinger, which at times became unnecessarily powerful. Developers cut its damage per second, reduced the rate of fire and changed the recoil and spread of shells.

But even after that, the weapon remains elite and powerful, you only need to develop shooting skills. The Marshal sniper rifle, on the contrary, is improved: now in aiming mode you can move faster.

But because of a lack of versatility, guns made cheaper. Frenzy also goes up in price, as recently the weapon enjoys too much popularity.

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