Valorant developers introduce new “Escalation” mode

Developers Valorant introduced a new mode in which players will have to overcome 12 levels of Escalation. The team that first finishes the last level wins or will lead 10 minutes after the start of the match. Rules of Escalation: Command mode 5 on 5.

To advance to the next level, a team must earn 7 points at the current level. Each player has his own weapon level, which needs to be raised.

For this, you need to commit at least 1 murder. Until the end of the match, only standard skills are available to all players.

Rapid rebirth (invulnerability within 5 seconds after the revival) . Equipment in Escalation: Level 1: either Razes Gusim Candle skill or Vandal/Phantom.

Level 2: Vandal or Phantom. Levels 3—11: Random skills and weapons.

Level 12: You can get Shorty, Classic, Knife, Shock Arrow or Snowball. At the place of death, the first aid kit appears, which disappears in 10 seconds.

For each completed match, players get 800 experience points, and 200 more experience points for the win. For now, the authors plan to introduce this mode for a limited time.

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