Valorant will add new agent and battle pass next week — details

Riot Games announced details of Valorants next episode, which will add a new agent and a topical battle pass. It will happen on March 3. The newcomer was Astra, which is able to control space and time, so it has the ability to change locations.

This can be done with the Spatial Fault (X) skill – the girl places the stars on the map and can activate them with other abilities. In addition, Astra during the use of Rift is in Astral form, where a girl can combine two points together – so you can muffle sounds and block bullets.

Other active skills allow you to activate stars: to create a Gravity Well (C) – pulls up enemies and explodes; activating Supernew Explosion & raquo; (Q) – stuns enemies; Dispersion (F) – the stars disappear, and in their place there is a false nebula. In addition, the developers presented a fresh battle pass.

The free version includes all sorts of key rings, cards and graffiti, and the paid – an axe and skins for agents. More on CCeit Apex Legends again broke its record in Steam Yakut showed battles in The Day Before Creators Terraria resumed the development of the game for Google Stadia.