Valorant will be released mobile game – on the PC in the shooter is active 14 million people

Riot Games summed up Valorants first year, preparing one surprise – the studio is working on a mobile game on the franchise. No details yet, really, no. Other important information: the monthly audience of Valorant โ€” 14 million people in the first year played 500 million matchs.

Celebrate the first anniversary of the shooter developers gather with their audience โ€” during the whole of June players will receive memorable souvenirs. Among them are cards and free access to a thematic battle pass.

Riot recently also showed a fresh shooter story clip where Phoenix faced his double. More on CCeit Russian film networks took โ€œFast and Furious 9 from the rental because of the conflict with Universal Take-Two buys the creators of football manager Top Eleven for $378 million Complete the game from โ€œKanobuโ€, find the Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom!.