Valve does not conduct dialogues with players for qualitative feedback โ€” players disagree

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive designer Gautam Babbar in a 10-minute video for developers talked about Valve‘s principles of working with the community and reviews โ€” or rather, why the company refuses to engage in dialogue with his audience. The key thesis of the speech was the principle of โ€œunfiltered commentsโ€, which implies passive study of comments and publications of players on social networks โ€” the way they communicate among themselves about the game. โ€œIf we join, they will stop having a dialogue with each other โ€” they will start talking to us.

This negatively affects the quality of reviews. โ€ According to Babbara, developers can join the discussion only in case of erroneous statements or if more data is required about something specific.

Otherwise, they only read the comments. This is how Valve approaches to work on upcoming updates – whether it’s a bug fix or new content, it‘s better not to talk about it until the last, because the plans can one way or another change, and you will not return the words.

So you can seriously undermine the confidence of the audience. โ€œWe limit ourselves when we promise to add something or solve โ€” priorities can change both in the studio and in the community.

โ€ Also, if we talk about the future, attention players can move away from the present – after which the endless pursuit of new content will begin, although just the audience should focus on what is now. If very briefly, the idea of Babbara boils down to the fact that instead of words and promises Valve proves a thing โ€” and by shitting from direct dialogue with the audience, the team gets more honest feedback and greater flexibility, making it possible to make more successful long-term decisions.

Babbar’s speech sparked controversial reviews among the community โ€” especially considering that since December 2018, when Global Offensive became shareware, the problem of cheaters became as never relevant, but after more than two years nothing has changed much. โ€œOf course, many will agree that actions are more important than words.

So what about the real actions regarding the problem with cheaters, which became more relevant than ever after switching to a shareware distribution model? โ€ . Another problem CS:GO is called irregularity of updates – they come out extremely rarely, and some games like Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 can remain without fresh updates a few years.

‘Nobody knows, you’re working on something or you just quit the game. Of course, thanks to this you can return to work on the project at any time โ€” but in the same way you can announce the freezing and resumption of work.

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