Valve invites peek inside Steam Deck

One of the most frequently asked questions about Steam Deck is its โ€œstuffingโ€, so Valve decided to conduct a visual disassembly of the device (partial) . On video, the developers showed and explained the process of removing sticks and SSD drive. As for self-replacement of components, we do not recommend it.

Valve noted that one damaged battery can cause a dangerous fire that will take a life. And if there is a temptation to replace the SSD, the developers have warned that it could cause serious problems with the device.

In other words, its better not to open the Steam Deck at all. Earlier, The Verge revealed that Dead by Daylight, Rust, War Thunder, and Ark would be available on Steam Deck.

And today, the first gameplay footage of The Witcher 3 has been released. It should be recalled that Buka is negotiating the delivery of the portable console to Russia.

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