Vampire Survivors bagel leaves Early Access on October 20th

In December 2021, independent developer Luca Galante, known as poncle, released an early access action movie with elements of the Vampire Survivors bagel on Steam. Despite its primitive appearance, the game received an extremely positive reception: it is recommended by up to 98% of customers. Now, the games team has announced that they are ready to release an update to the release version.

Vampire Survivors will leave Early Access on October 20th. At the same time, all the changes and additions that were planned for Early Access have already been made, so update 1.

0 will come as a surprise to players: no one knows what will be in it. Find of the month: Vampire Survivors, SIFUIt is known that the release version will support the Russian language.

And those who have already started playing wont have to lose their saves. Unless the story events are optimized for integrity, achievements will change accordingly.

The release of version 1. 0 does not mean that work on Vampire Survivors will be completed.

The creators still have plenty of post-release support plans. But they will be talked about in due course.

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