Vampire universe battle royal announced: The Masquerade

Developers from Sharkmob studio announced their first project โ€” a battle royal in the universe Vampire: The Masquerade. The name and supported platforms are kept secret, but the release is planned for the second half of 2021. Recall that Sharkmob studio was founded in 2017 by veterans of the gaming industry, previously working in Massive Entertainment and IO Interactive.

The authors of a new royal battle promise the evolution of the genre. Choose your style, play alone or together, fighting rivals and hostile an entity that is obsessed with destroying all vampires.

Use supernatural powers, weapons and blood to become stronger, hunt, fight and survive the night. In addition, Sharkmob announced that in addition to the royal battle in the universe Vampire: The Masquerade is working on two more AAA projects on the Unreal Engine engine.

One is engaged in the company‘s office in the Swedish city of Malmรถ, and the other โ€” office in London. According to the authors, in these games gamers are waiting for action, network component and social experience.

At the same time, the developers noted that they are also developing games for PC and next-generation consoles. More on CCeit Everything’s OK: Elden Ring and Beyond Good and Evil 2 continues To Subnautica: Below Zero released Relics of the Past expansion In Russian PC version Watch Dogs Legion did not include English voiceover.