Van Ark: additional research for financing Van Lienden

Minister Van Ark wants to have an additional investigation into the 100 million euros that entrepreneur Sywert from Lienden has received from VWS to buy mouthcaps in China. Today, the Minister for Medical Care heard about this so-called pre-financing for the first time and wants to find out exactly how that happened. She doesnt want to give judgement on the course of events yet. However, she thinks it is a โ€œvery high amountโ€, she said in the Chamber debate on corona approach.

Many MPs have critical questions about the mouth cap deal of entrepreneur, opinion maker and CDAer Sywert van Lienden. In the spring of 2020, he made agreements with the Ministry of Health on the delivery of medical masks. He got it from China and received 100 million euros for it.


Van Lienden said he made this deal without profit, โ€œfor nothing.โ€ He did it out of social involvement. But De Volkskrant discovered that he made a lot of money with two associates. According to the research platform Follow the Money he has left over 9 million euros and the Chamber wants to know whether the Ministry of VWS has not been fooled, or whether officials have favoured Van Lienden.

Public money

The television programme EenVandaag discovered that the purchase of Van Lienden was pre-financed by the department. Van Ark did not know this and said he was surprised about this. Pre-financing is customary to prevent someone else from buying up a frequently asked article quickly. โ€œI want to know exactly how everything went. It is about public money, and I have to answer for that.โ€

PVV leader Wilders wants Van Ark to acknowledge that Van Lienden is an impostor, but the minister does not. โ€œIm not going to accuse anyone beforehand.โ€

The minister asked the House of Representatives to understand when this happened. In the spring of 2020 there was a large shortage of mouthcaps all over the world and the House of Representatives demanded that the cabinet arrange protective equipment as soon as possible.