Van Ark has conducted external research into Van Liendens mouth cap deal

To get the โ€œbottom stone aboveโ€, there will be an external investigation into the 100 million euros that Sywert van Lienden received from VWS as pre-financing to buy mouthcaps in China. Minister Van Ark for Medical Care announced that she had already promised the House last week that the deal would be looked at more closely.

Whoever is going to do the investigation and how long it will take, will announce the Minister today or tomorrow. Van Ark did say that it had to be โ€œin the shortest possible timeโ€ and that it should be โ€œa club that really has the expertiseโ€.

Many MPs have critical questions about the mouth cap deal of entrepreneur, opinion maker and CDAer Sywert van Lienden. In the spring of 2020, he made agreements with the Ministry of Health on the delivery of medical masks.


Van Lienden said that he had made this deal without profit, but De Volkskrant discovered that he made a lot of money with two associates. He has left over 9 million euros and the Chamber wants to know whether the Ministry of VWS has not been fooled, or whether officials have favoured Van Lienden.

Van Lienden co-wrote the CDA election program. Recently, among other things, he was accused of using contacts from his political network to get the deal. Yesterday in the programme Buitenhof Van Lienden said that he had been in contact with the personal assistant of CDA minister De Jonge.

De Jonge did not want to go deep into the issue today, because mouthcaps are not covered by his portfolio in the ministry. He did say that he had โ€œno decision-making involvementโ€ in the deal.