Van Ark is struggling with dilemma care bonus: how high and for whom?

Demissionary Minister Van Ark finds it difficult to determine how high the care bonus should be this year, and who exactly qualify for it. Initially, the idea was that this year there would be EUR 500 per person. But in a letter to the House of Representatives, she now says: either the bonus becomes 500 euros net for a limited group of healthcare workers who work a lot with coronapatics, or all healthcare workers get a bonus of between 200 and 240 euros.

A bonus of 500 euros would qualify for healthcare sectors that have high sickness absenteeism due to corona and are therefore heavily taxed. These include general practitioners and health centres, hospitals, nursing, care, home care, ambulance services and central posts. Employees who receive the bonus may not earn more than 1.5 times modal. If this option is chosen, people in disabled care, ggz or youth care will fall outside the boat.

Motion Second Chamber

If a lower bonus is chosen, then everyone in the care is eligible. Last year this was not the case, but now โ€œall professions have provided care during the second waveโ€, says Van Ark. The bonus is then meant โ€œas a token of appreciation for caregivers who have performed an exceptional performanceโ€. The amount of the amount per person will then depend on the number of applications, but is expected to be between 200 and 250 euros.

After Prinsjesdag, the House of Representatives adopted a motion by the member of Van Kooten-Aiden. Who asked for a second bonus for people who work in care and are heavily burdened by corona. The demissionary minister of medical care points out that the knot must now be cut quickly. She will discuss the subject tomorrow, in the debate on corona measures.

Budget exceeded

Last year there was a bonus of 1000 euros for healthcare workers. EUR 1.44 billion was available for that at that time. Many more caregivers than they thought asked for subsidies to be able to give a bonus of net thousand euros to the staff. And the budget had to be increased by 800 million euros, writes Van Ark.

This year the bonus would be 500 euros and 720 million will be available. Van Ark wants to avoid spending more than budgeted again.