Van Basten: Bit criminal, I dont believe much of it, really a consciousness.

The clash between Kevin De Bruyne and Antonio Rüdiger was one of the most discussed moments during Sundays Champions League final: the German defender caught De Bruyne crackly, after which the Belgian had to feel dizzy and tears off the field. Ziggo Sports analyst Marco van Basten thought his.
During the post-discussion of Manchester City-Chelsea, the moment naturally came up. A bit criminal, says Van Basten about the defensive action of Rüdiger. He did it in a way you can always say sorry. (…) But I don
t believe much of that, this is really an awareness.
Van Basten also spoke of a hard tackle. Rüdiger eventually got yellow from arbitrator Antonio Mateu Lahoz, but presenter Jack van Gelder suggested that this action was worth a small edge red. Van Basten could not completely wrong him. This isnt really the way you get to play football.
Rüdiger was able to hold up the Champions League jar at the end of the evening. Chelsea won the final battle in Porto thanks to a hit by Kai Havertz.