Van Basten: ‘Can you explain as a weakness trainer, but also an honesty player’

Marco van Basten thinks the Tadic situation is a storm in a glass of water. It has been about the role of the Ajax captain during the match against FC Volendam for two days, in which he was busy coaching on the sidelines after his switch. According to a number, this undermined the position of trainer Alfred Schreuder.
Youri Mulder points to the good relationship between Tadic and Schreuder. โ€œHe really does it to help the team,โ€ he says at Rondo at Ziggo Sport. โ€œThe winner, but he has no idea that the imaging could be different. You play a match against Volendam, not a European Championship final. Its Tadic, thats part of his culture.โ€
Van Basten joins this and points to the role of the media. โ€œIts vulnerable to the extent that it becomes a game. Everyone uses it however they want. You can explain it as the trainers weakness, but also that its the players honesty.โ€
โ€œSo you get all kinds of opinions and thats dangerous. Also for the trainer, because then you may not be taken seriously. I dont think its a problem, but it can be made into a problem. Thats happening because of the outside world.โ€

What is Ajaxs battle plan on Wednesday evening in the absence of Tadic? โš” #ZiggoSport #Rondo
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