Van Basten doubts about Ajax move by Ihattaren: ‘He misses mentality’

Marco van Basten wonders if bringing in Mohamed Ihattaren is such a good move by Ajax. The former top striker makes the setting of the attacking midfielder.
Ajax seems to be able to welcome Ihattaren soon. Erik ten Hag already spoke with the playmaker, who will be rented out by Juventus to the Amsterdam mers with option to buy. However, Van Basten doesnt know if thats such a good idea. โ€œHow long has he been out now, a year and a half?โ€ , the analyst wonders during Rondo at Ziggo Sport. โ€œHasnt he been able to catch a signal in a year and a half, which would have allowed him to repack?โ€
Van Basten doubts whether Ten Hag can hit the young midfielder. โ€œThe question is who is able to do that. I have my doubts about that. Could Ten Hag be able to? I
m curious about that, because I think Ten Hag is a special man.โ€
According to the former striker, the Ihattaren case is therefore a difficult one. โ€œHe lacks mentality, among others. Otherwise, you cant understand that you can play football so well and then suddenly nothing would be able to do it. He played excellent matches in the Eredivisie and was really good for the corona break, but after that he did things that have nothing to do with football.โ€