Van Basten: “If you can get this kind of money, it will get really weird”

The news that José Mourinho is the new trainer of AS Roma came out of the sky for Marco van Basten. From nowhere it became known that the Portuguese had joined the Roman club for three seasons.
Mourinho was fired two weeks ago by Tottenham Hotspur, but has never been so short without a club. I am very curious about his payoff, jokes Van Basten at Ziggo Sport.
According to English media, Mourinho receives a severance payment of no less than eighteen million euros, while the club also continues to pay part of AS Roma salary. Although it is not clear whether it is compensated. In his career, Mourinho won over a hundred million euros in severance payments. It‘s a bit the craziness of football, says Van Basten.
re still complaining about the Super League, but there‘s still so much money that it still happens. It’s very double. I find it incomprehensible, because as a trainer you get paid very well at that level and then you should be able to accept that you can also be fired. That‘s why you get paid so well. But if you can get this kind of money, it gets really weird.
Roma is a beautiful club with a large following and beautiful history, but also a club with a lot of hassle. If you see that they have only won three national champions (1942, 1983, 2001, red.), that’
s relatively little, says Van Basten.