Van Bommel looks back at very weird situation: Its really stupid

Mohamed Ihattaren has chosen not to come to VfL Wolfsburg himself, says Mark van Bommel. The Dutch practice master would have liked to add Ihattaren to his selection. Van Bommel also talks about the good season start and the bizarre elimination in the DFB Pokal.
In an interview with Rondo, Van Bommel is asked why Ihattaren didn‘t go to Wolfsburg. โ€œThat didn’t happen in the end,โ€ says the coach, who remembers the left-leg from his time at PSV. โ€œI know Ihattaren well and I think he‘s a really good footballer. I think he definitely fits in my way of playing. He chose Italy alone.โ€
Van Bommel also talks about his good season start at Wolfsburg. Those Wรถlfe are at the top of the German competition. โ€œIt’
s not easy in the Bundesliga. We‘re the only team with twelve points out of four games. I think we do have a nice selection with a lot of players who can play in multiple positions. We are also very solid: we get little goals against. We just don’t create a lot.โ€
Van Bommel also got a tap to handle this season. Wolfsburg was kicked out of the DFB Pokal after the former midfielder switched too much once. โ€œIt was a very weird situation,โ€ Van Bommel looks back. โ€œWe thought we could switch six times. We checked it several times to the fourth official. He didn‘t know either. We should have known. It’s really stupid that we‘re out of the cup, because that’s just a big competition in Germany.โ€