Van Bommel through the mud: ‘Wanted to tell him what a big dick he is’

Mart van den Heuvel opened a book about his departure at PSV. According to the former team manager of the Eindhovenaren, he was no longer able to pass through one door with Mark van Bommel.
During Van Bommels players career, Van den Heuvel was able to agree with the Limburger. As a trainer, however, this was a lot more difficult. โ€œIn the youth he already had collisions with the head of youth training,โ€ says the PSV icon in the Skiete Willy Podcast of Football International. โ€œHe only did his own thing and did not join the structure. He was also promised the trainership when Cocu left and that went completely wrong.โ€
Then Van den Heuvel was blamed for everything from the practice master. โ€œWhen we were going to lose, we were blamed for losing. If we tie 2-2 to Emmen, he shouldnt be blaming us. Theres nothing we can do about the fact that theres artificial grass at Emmen and that they dont spray there. He projected everything onto one person, and hes the reason Id quit. With another trainer, we would have made the construction different.โ€
After he got fired at the Philips Stadium, Van Bommel called one more time. โ€œHe scolded me, and then I put him down. Then he called again, with a secret number, and then I told him that he should come to Veldhoven. Then Id tell him what a big dick he really is. After that, I never heard from him again.โ€