Van Bommels performance at PSV did not give him this job.

VfL Wolfsburg shows guts by recruited Mark van Bommel, according to Wim Kieft in his weekly column for De Cceit. He doesn‘t think Van Bommel forced the Bundesliga job because of his performance at PSV.
The transition from Van Bommel to Wolfsburg is complete. Sometime next week, white smoke is expected. Kieft doesn’
t look weird about the move, but does wonder what Van Bommel has earned his new job.
‘VfL Wolfsburg, who has qualified for the Champions League, shows courage with the appointment of Mark van Bommel as a trainer’, says Kieft. ‘It must have been his good name as a player in Germany or a feat of his manager Mino Raiola, because Van Bommel’s performance as a trainer of PSV did not give him this job.
Van Bommel was fired as a trainer of PSV in his second season, after it seemed to collapse like a house of cards. ‘
In one and a half season at PSV Van Bommel has not won a prize. He will have to prove himself at the VfL Wolfsburg, otherwise it will be a trainer career.โ€