Van Bronckhorst goes down in Europa League final after penalty series

Giovanni van Bronckhorsts Rangers seized alongside the Europa League on Wednesday evening. A thrilling final against Eintracht Frankfurt was decided only after penalties. The Germans took better.
Seville was flooded with frantic supporters from Scotland and Germany. It is reported that as many as 100,000 Scots had flown to Spain and 50,000 Germans. Playing football, Eintracht was a buddy too big for Rangers, who nevertheless managed to stay strong. The first chances were for the better Germans, but forty-year-old Allan McGregor kept Rangers going several times.
The final in Seville was not what the neutral spectator had hoped for beforehand. Rangers mainly had to deal with the hard pounding and at Eintracht the end pass was often not good. As a result, it became a messy finale that just didn
t come loose. Despite the fact that it was still 0-0, there was no cause for concern for Eintracht. It played football a lot smoother than Rangers and also got chances to score a goal. Only around half an hour there was something of a threat among the Scots.
The game image did not change initially in the second half. So far, Rangers escaped a backlog twice. At first, a shot went just off, then the referee refused to give a penalty for a hopeless crash by Rafael Santos Borrรฉ.
Rangers scores out of the nothingIntracht was in control, but totally out of nowhere the goal fell on the other side. Joe Aribo was able to get on Kevin Trapp in the back of Eintracht and failed: 0-1. Rangers then switched back to defending position. That didnt go well for long. After Kamada came face to face with McGregor, Borrรฉ did get a shot at close range.

๐Ÿค The @Eintracht white wall goes wild with Rafael Borrรฉs equalizer! ๐Ÿฅณ #SGERFC #deontknoping
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 18, 2022

ExtensionIt no longer seemed that there would be a score before the final whistle. Both Eintracht and Rangers carefully sorted ahead of an extension, which also came. It really could have gone in all directions. Rangers got opportunities, on the other hand, the Scots got away well a few times. Eintracht goalkeeper Trapp kept his team in the race just before the end of overtime with a great rescue. Ryan Kent should have scored eye-to-eye with Trapp but missed. As a result, just like last year, it came to penalties.
Rangers had the advantage that the penalties were taken on the side of the Scottish fans and was also allowed to start first. Rangers took advantage of everything, but Eintracht didnt seem impressed by it and shot everything in himself.
In a 3-3 score, Ramsey missed out for Rangers, after which Filip Kostic, who was statistically not the best penalist, scored again. The all-decisive penalty was used by Borrรฉ. Rangers can recover and take the Scottish Cup on Saturday.