Van Bronckhorst hopes to call from Zeist: ‘Ambition to become a national coach’

Giovanni van Bronckhorst makes no secret that he would like to succeed Frank de Boer as a national coach of the Dutch team. The former Feyenoord trainer doesnt say no when the KNVB calls him, let him know at DecceIT.
ve said many times that its an ambition for me to be a coach of Orange,โ€ says the 106-fold international. โ€œI have been able to be part of that for fourteen years from 1996 to 2010. That was an honour. It would be an honor for me to coach the team as well. Whether it happens later or not, I dont know.โ€
Van Bronckhorst does not want to say what he would change in the Dutch team. โ€œIf I were to become a national coach, I would tell you that. But I think weve seen and heard enough analyses in the last few weeks. Thats what I want to say,โ€ says the trainer, who made Feyenoord champion in 2017. He left De Kuip in 2019 and then started working in China. At the moment hes out of a club and nothing is playing yet. โ€œSomething has played, but the next step has to be something that I feel good about. Thats the most important thing to me. So far it hasnt been so far.โ€
Van Bronckhorst saw De Boer opted for a 5-3-2 system during the European Championships. That
s not his preference, he appreciates. โ€œI love the dynamic: 4-3-3 and can switch. Its about winning the contest. It can be done in a lot of ways: with offensive football, with a good block… Every opponent is different. Preparing a team for a race and the dynamics of a race itself, I love the training.โ€