Van Bronckhorst makes a very good comeback and is waiting for PSV in CL

If PSV survives the extension against AS Monaco, the people of Eindhoven will compete against Rangers FC in the final heat of the Champions League. At Ibrox, Giovanni van Bronckhorst managed to achieve a great comeback against Union Saint-Gilles.
Rangers lost 2-0 in Belgium a week earlier, leaving work to be done. At rest, the men of Van Bronckhorst got a hand of help: defender Siebe Van der Heyden made hands, allowing penalty specialist James Tavernier to make the 1-0.
After the break, Rangers pushed through with the help of the fanatical fans. Union, with Bart Nieuwkoop on the field, staggered and had to swallow the 2-0 after less than an hour of play. Now Tavernier was important as a principal: he got the ball to striker Antonio Colak, who was able to hit with the left goal.
As a result, Rangers had completely brushed off his backlog of a week earlier. Of course, the equaliser worked as fuel for Van Bronckhorst and associates, who went full hunting for the winning hit. That fell in the 78th minute, too. Mercenary Malik Tillman headlined and made his first goal for Rangers: 3-0.
In the final phase, Union also received a red card, after which the game was played. Rangers thus advance to the next round in the Champions League front portal. When PSV deals with Monaco, the people of Eindhoven will play against the Scottish team. At the time of publication, PSV is in the middle of renewal against AS Monaco.