Van de Beek is going to play with friend Nouri’s back number

Donny van de Beek signed with Manchester United. Earlier this week it was announced that he would go there, but he still had to sign a contract. He has now done so for five seasons.

The transfer isn’t just for Van de Beek special. Also for his best friend Abdelhak Nouri. They have known each other since they were little and played together in youth teams at Ajax.

That suddenly changed when Nouri became unwell during a practice match in 2017. His heart didn’t work properly anymore, which damaged his brain. Nouri is now cared for at home by his family. He can’t talk or walk, but show his face what he thinks about something.

Nouri played at Ajax with number 34. Van de Beek has asked his father if he can play with that number at Manchester United. His father immediately said yes and thinks it’s a super nice gesture.