Van de Looi over Bijlow: ‘Suppose it would happen, he would not be’

The phone of Jong Orange coach Erwin van de Looi exploded after the 2-1 victory of his team over the peers of France. Frank de Boer also saw the competition and congratulated the selection. De Boer and Van de Looi have not talked about Feyenoord-keeper Justin Bijlow (yet).

โ€œFrank appeals to me before and after that game, for sureโ€, starts Van de Looi in conversation with Voetbal International. โ€œWhat he wrote? Nice performance, we enjoyed it. That‘s nice, of course.โ€
When the news became known that Jasper Cillessen would not join the European Championships with the ‘
big‘ Orange, the attention soon went to Jong Orange-keeper Justin Bijlow. De Boer chose AZ-Goalie Marco Bizot as a replacement for Cillessen. Van de Looi didn’t talk to De Boer about Bijlow. โ€œI haven‘t heard anything, so I’ll take it into account.โ€
Van de Looi hopes to be able to have Bijlow in the upcoming races. โ€œIt seems to me very good for Justin to be here. What if it were to happen? Suppose I say. Then he goes there and he doesn‘t go around. He has played very few matches this year anyway. I think it’s very good for him to have a keeping. And for us, by the way.โ€