Van de Ven seems to leave at FC Volendam: ‘Make probably a transfer’

Micky van de Ven announces his departure at FC Volendam. The defender expects him to make a summer transfer, although it is not yet clear which club it is to. Theres nothing round yet, says Van de Ven.
Van de Ven was disabled on Saturday with Volendam in the playoffs. He doesn
t expect him to be able to compete next season for promotion to the Eredivisie. “I dont think so. The chances of me making a transfer are there. You never know how it works, but there is a chance. Whether that chance is great? Yes, but its not finished yet,” says Van de Ven in front of ESPNs camera.
Van de Ven is associated with half the Eredivisie. Feyenoord has him high on the list, but at an earlier stage they also mentioned AZ, FC Utrecht, PSV and Ajax. Van de Ven has a contract for two seasons at Volendam.