Van de Ven sees example at Wolfsburg: Hes doing well, club trusts him

Micky van de Ven sees Maxence Lacroix as his example of VfL Wolfsburg. The French defender also played on the second level before coming to Germany, but is now a base player at Die Wรถlfe.
Van de Ven had the clubs to pick out this summer. The twenty-year-old defender opted for a step to Wolfsburg. There he finds Lacroix, who walked a similar route from France. โ€œHe also made the move from the second level to Wolfsburg,โ€ Van de Ven tells Kicker. โ€œHes doing well, the club relies on him. That was why I went to Wolfsburg.โ€
Van de Ven is still waiting for his official debut at Wolfsburg. At the Champions League duels with Lille OSC and Sevilla, he was already on the bench. Van de Ven recently made his unofficial debut for Mark van Bommel
s team, in an exhibition match against Hamburger SV.
Over two weeks ago, VoetbalPrimeur spoke extensively with Van de Ven about his transfer, the arbitration case against FC Volendam and Feyenoords deepinterest interest.