Van den Brom prizes with Genk: Standard gets knock in moderate cup finals

John van den Brom and KRC Genk have taken a prize. The Dutch trainer saw his team in the final of the Belgian Cup, the so-called Croky Cup, winning 2-1 from Standard Liรจge.
The final was not of a particularly high level, but the tension compensated a lot. Both teams did not manage much and seemed to suffer from the nerves, but if there was one team that was entitled to a goal it was Genk. The men of Van den Brom played more opportunities together and just after rest also got what they deserved.
Junya Ito, the Japanese wing attacker of Genk, made it in minute 48 1-0, which allowed the blue wheads to slow down. Standard had to show it and failed to do so, making the doubling of the margin hung more in the air than an equalizer. Ten minutes before time, Paul Onuachu went through a ball and Thรฉo Bongonda entered the second goal.

Jackson Muleka headed the 1-2 against the ropes a few minutes before time, but it didnt matter anymore. After ninety minutes the poor were able to take the air with Van den Brom: for the first time since 2013 he won a prize as a trainer and took personal revenge on the fact that the Dutch cup final, which he could have played with FC Utrecht last season, was not going through.