Van der Burg: now no worries about places to shelter Ukrainians

Secretary of State Van der Burg, responsible for Asylum and Migration cases, is currently not concerned about the number of shelters available for Ukrainian refugees. So far, municipalities have created 34,000 places and around 24,000 Ukrainians have shelter through such a place. So there are still spots empty. There are also โ€œa few thousandโ€ refugees with private individuals.

โ€œIts going well. The municipalities are working hard on it and Im not worried about it,โ€ Van der Burg said after a consultation about the progress. Actually, it was planned that around 50,000 places would be arranged by the end of this week. It just doesnt seem to be a problem that there are not yet, says Van der Burg. Indeed, the influx of Ukrainians is slower than expected. โ€œTheres a big buffer now.โ€

Van der Burg also sees no reason to encourage municipalities to find places extra. Last week, an emergency law was promulgated to possibly force mayors to organize the shelter of Ukrainians. But coercion is not necessary right now. โ€œI have full confidence in it.โ€

Where and how are the Ukrainians coming to the Netherlands taken care of? And where are the bottlenecks? Well show you in this video:

Although the influx is slower than expected, the Ministry of Justice and Security is continuing to work on scenarios for a much larger influx of people from the war zone. In official scenarios, a group of between 100,000 and 150,000 refugees is also thought of. โ€œAt the moment, that is not the matter,โ€ emphasizes the responsible Secretary of State. โ€œBut when its up, we have to get the job done.โ€ Van der Burg does not address questions about exactly what this large-scale reception will look like.

To help municipalities better, they will soon receive a financial advance and mayor will not have to wait for their money. People who receive care or rent allowances and take care of Ukrainians dont have to be afraid of being cut, assured Van der Burg. Colleges and universities also receive money to help Ukrainian students in financial problems.