Van der Ende explains Giménez/Cillessen: “But why not take a moment in front of the camera?”

Feyenoord is not disadvantaged against NEC, says former referee Mario van den Ende. The situation between Jasper Cillessen and Santiago Giménez has sparked a lot.
In injury time, Cillessen shot the ball at a kick out against Giménez, who stood still and seemed to be unable to do much about it. At least, thats how it seemed. So a player must not prevent a goalkeeper from bringing the ball back into play. When I saw the situation, I thought: the referee is right, says Van der Ende to VoetbalNieuws.
In my view, and the referee may have thought so, he was deliberately there to prevent the kick-off, says Van der Ende. Then the referee is in his right according to the rules of the game. They need to tighten the rules much more to create clarity rather than question marks. What also amazes me is that the referee once again does not come in front of the camera to explain it. Then you have lost eighty percent of the question marks. Perhaps he has a certain absence need, because it is not mandatory.