Van der Gijp about Ajax-tirade Driessen: ‘His father-in-law was at the IC’

Renรฉ van der Gijp responded briefly on Monday evening to the tirade of Valentijn Driessen after the championship championship of Ajax. The chef football of De Cceit wrote a destructive column on Sunday and called the party at the Johan Cruijff Arena a huge fat middlefinger to the Covid victims: according to Van der Gijp, Driessens father-in-law is one of them.
Driessen published his column shortly after the title party and felt that the ceremony of Ajax was a slap in the face. โ€œTo the coronas victims, medical care, police, catering, zoos, amusement parks, enforcers who have to swing people on the ticket for 95 euros, politics and all the people who do adhere to the rulesโ€, he wrote among other things.
According to Van der Gijp, the coronavirus has struck in the personal environment of Driessen. โ€œWith Valentine
s Day, I can understand that. His father-in-law was in the ICU two weeks ago. They have been hit so hard, that they look at it and think: I dont understand it at all,โ€ he announced Monday in Veronica Inside, where the CCEIT journalist regularly takes a look at it.
The championship party of Ajax resulted in several angry reactions: not only Driessen, but also demissionary minister Hugo de Jonge showed his dissatisfaction. Ajax responded to the events on Monday. โ€œWe look closely at our responsibility, but given the huge amount of fans gathered outside, this was probably better than forcing the players to stay inside and ignore the supporters,โ€ spokesman Miel Brinkhuis said.