Van der Gijp: Father Berghuis was quick to tell Van Hooijdonk

Dick Advocaat doesnt think Steven Berghuis is a jellyfish of a guy, as Renรฉ van der Gijp suggested. Feyenoords former trainer would not be able to get along with technical director Frank Arnesen and Managing Director Mark Koevermans.
According to Van der Gijp, lawyer had trouble with Berghuis. Lawyer denies that. โ€œWhen I heard it, I wondered who you know it from. I didnt say it to you,โ€ says Lawyer at De Oranjezomer.
Van der Gijp argues: โ€œEvery time you
re here, we talk about everyone. About people within Feyenoord, outside Feyenoord, people from the selection. But you never drop Arnesens name. That says enough, isnt it? Youve had a captain who disagreed with your game mode and training the year.โ€
Lawyer says that the latter is wrong. โ€œThat
s not true. Berghuis is a top player, an excellent player who does everything for himself to perform optimally. Then the trainer and the fellow players have to join, but that didnt always happen. If you make twenty goals as an outsider and give plenty of assists, youre an excellent player.โ€
The fact is that Berghuis has regularly abandoned Feyenoord, for example from sc Heerenveen, when he grabbed red. โ€œYes, that wasnt that handy. But he knows that himself too. Whatever you say about him, its someone who knows how to get the most out of themselves. I never had any immediate problems with him. So I keep denying that. I never said it to Renรฉ either,โ€ says Lawyer.
CCEIT analyst Pierre van Hooijdonk brought a lot of inside info at Studio Voetbal on what was going on in Feyenoords selection. Van der Gijp thinks Berghuis was behind it. โ€œHe disagreed with the way of playing and training for six months. His father was there like the chickens to inform Pierre van Hooijdonk about what went wrong,โ€ says Van der Gijp.โ€ I dont know if it was his father,โ€ Counter Lawyer again. โ€œWho else? Maybe his business observer (Guido Albers, ed.)? It also has good contact with Van Hooijdonk. Ive never had any immediate problems with Pierre, even when he switched to the Dutch team. Maybe that bothered him, but you can say anything about everyone.โ€