Van der Meijde reveals: His club doesnt want him in my car with me

Mitchell Dijks is no longer returning in Andy van der Meijdes YouTube program for the time being. Bologna left-back statements in an earlier episode did not fall into good earth with the Italian club.
Van der Meijde has been making the program Bij Andy in de Auto for quite some time, in which he interviews people from the football industry and beyond during a car ride. The episode with Dijks is one of the better known ones, because he admits to having sex with a married woman, among other things. That led to laughter in the car.
โ€œI think we are the same kind of people,โ€ Van der Meijde now responds at VoetbalTime about that episode. โ€œHe
s honest and says everything he does. He has sometimes said things in my car that made him call him back on the mat at his club. Now his club wont let him in the car with me anymore.โ€