Van der Sar sees clear winner after Champions League draw: ‘The fans’

Edwin van der Sar rubs his hands after the Champions League draw. The general manager of Ajax thinks that the fans are the big winners now that coach Alfred Schreuders team is linked to Liverpool, Napoli and Rangers FC.
When I look at the group, I say a fantastic draw, says Van der Sar to ELF Football in Istanbul. I just spoke to a Liverpool representative and Giovanni van Bronckhorst caught me. I
m going to answer him like this. Its nice to meet Gio twice later.
Ajax also faced Liverpool two years ago. That was then in an empty stadium due to the corona situation. Now we can finally play in a packed stadium. Although that game of 2020 cannot be compared to today. There are a lot of new players, there is a new trainer. I certainly think we
re promising. In recent years, we have shown that we are ambitious. In the Champions League, we want to get as far as possible. That certainly means surviving the group phase.
Van der Sar knows that the ambiance of all three opponents is impressive. Im looking forward to it. The draw could have been easier, but definitely also heavier. In any case, our fans are already the winner with these three opponents.