Van der Vaart and Van Hooijdonk see the Dutch star: ‘Would he have a heartbeat? ‘

Pierre van Hooijdonk and Rafael van der Vaart found Jurriën Timber to be one of the best players in the Orange in the match against Poland. The Ajax defender was able to defuse Robert Lewandowski with gusto.
I find the ease with which he plays his matches incredible, says Van Hooijdonk in Decceit studio. It‘s his ninth international match, but it looks like he played eighty there. In an offensive way, he participates. He’s not big, but he‘s so focused on the duels. I really love it. 21 years… He joined the team silently. I thought he was the best man.
The former striker receives acclaim from Rafael van der Vaart. Would he have a heartbeat? Because it’
s so cool, jokes the 109-time international. Really impressive. Among other things, the Ajacied had the most interceptions in Warsaw. He was preferred over Matthijs de Ligt and Stefan de Vrij.

Jurriën Timber v Poland: – Most ball contacts (97) – Most passes (82) – Highest pass accuracy (96%) – Most defensive actions (3, like Van Dijk) – Most interceptions (3) – Least ball loss of all base players (3x)
— Bart Frouws (@bartf) September 22, 2022