Van der Vaart and Van Hooijdonk surprised by De Boers claim: Find it apart

Frank de Boer‘s claim about Donyell Malen surprised Pierre van Hooijdonk and Rafael van der Vaart. De Boer switched Malen because he could only play an hour, according to his own words.
That surprises Van der Vaart. โ€œHe says he’
s closed on it, I understand that, but Malen looks very fit. Is the physical coach the one who says he can only play 60 minutes? Can‘t he play longer?โ€ , Van der Vaart wonders at the CCEIT.
Van Hooijdonk loves De Boer’
s claim, just like Van der Vaart. โ€œI think it‘s separate too. We see that game too and can’t we see that Malen is by far the most dangerous attacker? In my eyes, the pipe was far from empty.โ€
Future De BoerDe Boer said that he will โ€œthink quietlyโ€ about his future as a national coach of the Dutch team. โ€œThat‘s a fair question, but he just answers well. Because what does he have to say about it?โ€ says Van der Vaart. โ€œIt felt like some kind of last chance. He made a few wrong choices. It looked a bit better, but this is such a deception that makes him think if he wants to stay a national coach. And the KNVB will think too.โ€
s been a famous tournament. If you look at the opponents from the pool and we go out against these Czechs. And you‘re still taking the two practice games… โ€œ, adds Van Hooijdonk. โ€œIf you fly out after such an easy pool, you’ve played a very mediocre tournament.โ€
โ€œYou once went out against the Russians, but everyone then enjoyed the pool phase. Now we have so little to fall back on and look back on,โ€ says Van Hooijdonk to Van der Vaart.