Van der Vaart appeals to Messi: ‘Let us know what’s going on’

In the first Studio Football of the new season, the upcoming transfer of Donny van de Beek to Manchester United, the willingness of Louis van Gaal to think about the national team and the crisis at FC Barcelona were also discussed

Lionel Messi wants to leave Barça and according to Spanish media, a conversation of the new coach Ronald Koeman with Messi the Argentinian has not been able to change his mind. On the contrary, says journalist Simon Kuper, who is working on a book about FC Barcelona.

“Blunt Dutchman against polite man from Barcelona

“It was leaked that Koeman said to Messi: you no longer have any privileges,” said Kuper. “In Barcelona they are very polite, Koeman is very direct. It’s a bit the blunt Dutchman against the polite man from Barcelona who thinks such messages should be delivered differently”

Koeman’s allegedly short conversation with Luis Suárez would also have shot Messi in the wrong throat. In it Suárez was told to leave. Kuper: “Messi understands that Suárez has to leave, but he thinks that this should be told in a different way. They are friends. They were on vacation together.”

“Koeman’s not a stranger to the world, is he?

“Isn’t it awful if Messi is angry about that?”, Rafael van der Vaart wonders. “I don’t believe it.” Pierre van Hooijdonk doesn’t understand it either: “Isn’t Koeman a stranger to the world? Koeman knows that, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he also know that with Messi you have a better chance of becoming a champion?”

Kuper states that a possible departure of Messi will also have advantages for Koeman: “A lot of advantages. He now has not a penny to spend and only older players with no transfer value. For Koeman it’s nice when 200 million comes in and 100 million in salary”

Van der Vaart calls on Messi to speak out: “Let us know what’s going on.”

On Sunday 8 March 2020 the ball rolled for the ‘last time’, but since then it has been anything but quiet in the premier league and far beyond. Take a look at the overview below in Studio Voetbal and also at the fixed sections Korte Corner (about Koeman) and End Signal