Van der Vaart ‘became lamb’ with Van Gaal: ‘Day after he scolds you all rotten ‘

The movie about Louis van Gaal premiered on Monday and VoetbalPrimeur was in the red carpet party. Rafael van der Vaart experienced both sides of the national coach at the Dutch team, he tells our reporter on the spot.
Emile van de SandeAMSTERDAM
The 109-time Orange international played his first and last international match under Van Gaal. The two also interacted outside the lines. “We had to open something at an amateur club one very nice evening. Became a lamb with the two of us and a day after that, we had to train at the Dutch team. And then he scolds you all rotten and broken,” laughs Van der Vaart. “That signs him very much. While you as a player think: hey, this has been a fun night, take it easy, man.”
During that kind of training sessions, Van der Vaart learned the laws of Van Gaal. “Trust me, you have to be there. And if you make a mistake: he sees everything, very sharp. But I always found that very funny, that you had a really fun night with him and think: what a world guy. And the next day, youre thinking: what a bastard it really is…”