Van der Vaart hears flute concerts against Berghuis: “I find this disappointing”

Steven Berghuis played his first match in the shirt of Oranje on Monday night in De Kuip, since he made his much-discussed transfer from Feyenoord to Ajax. Some of the public whistled him out, analyst Rafael van der Vaart noted.
This incident came up with the CCeit after the end of the Netherlands-Gibraltar. I‘d like to say something about the public. I’m a bit disappointed with that. Mountain house is quite often flopped out. If you do play an international country, you should expect the home audience to support you. We (Van der Vaart, presenter Tom Egberts and fellow analyst Pierre van Hooijdonk, ed.) are behind glass here and we hear it, says Van der Vaart.
Egberts thought he hadn‘t heard it, but Van Hooijdonk attacked Van der Vaart. What does this mean? That there are lots of Feyenoord fans of course. But I find this disappointing, it happened to me once in Utrecht (against Liechtenstein in 2004, ed.): there we played an interland there, where the Ajaciides were flown out. After that, never played an interland there again. But you also have to protect those types of players. Of course, a lot of people didn’t do it, but I could hear it very well.
Oranje will play his next international country in De Kuip, against Norway on 16 November. On December 19, due to his thirtieth birthday, Berghuis will play with Ajax De Klassicker in Rotterdam South.