Van der Vaart: ‘I actually want the old system with offside players at Orange’

The Dutch team has had a moderate first half against Poland and went to rest with a 0-1 backlog. Rafael van der Vaart misses the outdoor players in Orange and Pierre van Hooijdonk states that the Poles have escaped red.
The first, the best outage of the Poles, immediately resulted in a goal. Right back Matty Cash got too much space from Daley Blind and ousted goalkeeper Mark Flekken. โ€œBlind just doesn‘t look good at the goal. We’ve said it so many times: he has so many qualities on the ball, but his speed is a weakness. You can already see it running back, instead of ahead,โ€ says Van Hooijdonk at DecceIt. โ€œOne thing he needs to know: he should never open the far corner. Because if he goes in there, the keeper has no chance.โ€
The Orange was given few opportunities, but it did pose a threat of crossings from the side. โ€œIf you do this, you will get a lot of chances and you will win the match easily,โ€ says Van der Vaart, who does look forward to the 3-4-3 system. โ€œI actually want the old system with outdoor players in the Dutch team. Because the spaces are on the flank.โ€
Director Frenkie de Jong is also expertly defused by the Poles. โ€œThen there is little left,โ€ says Van der Vaart. โ€œBerghuis often in the ball, but he has to play a little closer to the goal. And it‘s not like he plays badly, it’s not. He has the openings.โ€ In the course of the first half, De Jong was the victim of a dangerous tackle by Grzegorz Krychowiak. According to Van Hooijdonk, the Pool escaped red and De Jong escaped a serious injury. โ€œThat was a red card. There he is lucky that he is just loose with his ankle, otherwise you will tear everything off.โ€