Van der Vaart praises ‘delightful player’: ‘People say ‘snot nose’, I love it’

Noa Lang left a good impression on Rafael van der Vaart. His game was not to write home about, but Lang‘s attitude can appreciate Van der Vaart.
Long fell into Latvia after sixty minutes of play and showed itself particularly vigorous. โ€œEveryone looks at him because it was his debut. You saw he wanted a lot, that was great to see. It wasn’
t that he was so great, but I‘m glad he fell in,โ€ says Van der Vaart at the CCeit.
โ€œHe really shies on everything. He’
s got a look like this ball and I‘m going to do it. I like that with young guests. They’re so convinced of themselves. Hopefully he‘ll play long before the Dutch team. I’m sure we‘ll be dying to him, but we’ll be happy with him as well. I get that people say look at him, the brat. But I think it‘s a delightful player,โ€ says Van der Vaart.
Pierre van Hooijdonk believes that the Netherlands did not play big against Latvia and picks Frenkie de Jong out. โ€œWho also shared in the slump. For his actions, he had a lot of unnecessary ball loss. It’
s almost always unnecessary if he suffers ball loss, because he‘s usually very stuck to the ball. You’re not used to this from him.โ€