Van der Vaart sees Ajax-dissonant: ‘I thought: what the hell are you doing? ‘

Rafael van der Vaart is not impressed by Devyne Rensch‘s performance against AZ. During the game, the former midfielder wonderedwhat the heck Rensch was doing ‘.
Because Mazraoui is struggling with a muscle injury, Rensch was allowed to kick off in the game with AZ, who Ajax lost by 1-2. โ€œI thought Ajax wouldn’
t miss Mazraoui like that,โ€ Van der Vaart starts at Studio Voetbal. โ€œBut you can see that Rensch really lacks rhythm: he was very sloppy and gave half and weird balls with zero confidence.โ€
โ€œHe was never open to play to Antony,โ€ Van der Vaart continues his argument. โ€œOf course, it is not easy to replace Mazraoui either, he is one of the better players at Ajax this season. Rensch alone exuded very little confidence. I think it‘s a good player, but he really didn’t show that today (Sunday, ed.). There were really a few moments I thought, what the hell are you doing?โ€