Van der Voort after a fierce reaction: ‘I must apologise’

Vincent van der Voort did not manage to stunt again at the World Matchplay. The Dutchman lost the quarterfinals of Glen Durrant on Friday evening with 18-16 after an exciting fight. Afterwards the steam came out of his ears and Van der Voort reacted emotionally, for which he apologized on Saturday morning.

A new stunt by the Dutchman, who earlier eliminated Dave Chisnall (10-6) and Daryl Gurney (11-5), seemed to be in the making for a long time, but in the end Durrant showed himself to be the coldest.

Van der Voort was in England the only one of the five Dutchmen who had started the tournament left. Michael van Gerwen, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Danny Noppert and Jermaine Wattimena were all eliminated in previous rounds.

Strong start

Van der Voort had an excellent start in the quarterfinals (his first at the World Matchplay since the defeat against Mervyn King in 2009). He immediately broke Durrant in the first leg and walked out to a 4-1 lead before the first break. Durrant then came back a bit to 6-4, but in part 3 of the match Van der Voort gave up again.

He walked out to a 10-5 lead, including a nice 98 finish in the fifteenth leg of the match with Durrant, who had taken care of De Zwaan and Peter Wright in his previous games. However, Durrant did not just let Van der Voort lead him to the slaughterhouse and had a strong last part of the match.

Durrant turns the match around

The man from Middlesbrough finally came back to 13-12 after a 10-8 deficit, making the game into a very exciting final phase. In the 28th leg, Van der Voort missed two chances at the top to take a 15-13 lead, after which Durrant equalised the score: 14-14.

Via a great 92-final via bulls-eye, Durrant then took a lead for the first time in the game, leaving Van der Voort with his back against the wall. The Dutchman did not bow, and made sure the match went into the 15-15 extension.

Durrant had the strongest nerves. In the winning leg the Englishman took advantage of two weak 45 innings by Van der Voort and threw his first power play immediately. In the semi-final Durrant takes on Dimitri Van den Bergh, the 26-year old Belgian who was too strong for Adrian Lewis earlier on the Friday evening with 16-12.

The defeat came hard on Van der Voort, who pointed an accusing finger at the referee on the podium afterwards. In the 22nd leg he threw an arrow at one of his last innings, but was behind the oche. Because the official said that Van der voort was standing on the oche, the arrow did not count and he stood on 9 instead of 8. In the next turn Durrant threw out and brought his backlog back to 12-10.

“But I wasn’t on the oche at all”, Van der Voort reacted in front of RTL‘s camera. “So when he said he was, I got a few errors in my head. I’m not going to repeat what I said to him. And if he files a complaint with the PDC, so be it. I am not afraid of that. The fact that I am losing here is entirely my own fault, let that be clear. I was so far ahead of… But it‘s nice if you can blame somebody else right after the match”

Later, Van der Voort returned to his words via his own Twitter channel. “Now that I’ve looked back at the images and talked to people, I have to apologise to referee Kirk. I thought he was complaining about me stepping over the oche. That’s how I reacted after the match. He actually pointed out to me that I did not throw my arrow in the right way and now I realise that too“, the Dutchman writes a day after his defeat and also apologises to his opponent. “Durrant took advantage of my loss of concentration after the incident. This brought him back to the party and he did so well. I wish him every success today (Saturday, ed.)”