Van der Vorst: Jinek also continues with additional coronameasures

If its up to RTL, Jinek will continue if there are sharpening of the corona measures. A curfew makes no exception to that either. Content director Peter van der Vorst will let us know if requested.

โ€œ Over the past ten months, we have become very flexible and resourceful and make a varied show every day,โ€ says Van der Vorst to the ANP. RTL adheres to the RIVM guidelines and the Covid-19 Protocol Audiovisual Sector. โ€œIf it turns out that additional measures are needed tomorrow, we will apply them.โ€

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RTL does not assume that Jinek could no longer continue due to a curfew. โ€œTalk shows remain an important source of information and entertainment for our viewers,โ€ says Van der Vorst.

Earlier, WNL editor-in-chief Bert Huisjes informed that Op1 continues as well. If sharpening is proclaimed as a curfew, the talk show continues in a sober version according to Huisjes.