Van Dijk after winning against Belgium: ‘Was this not a good match? ‘

Virgil van Dijk was the match winner at the Dutch team in the match against Belgium on Wednesday evening. In the final phase, the captain headlined the liberating opening strike against the ropes.
Van Dijk saw a difficult game for the Dutch team, but he is happy to be able to deliver the redemption with his goal. โ€œVery nice this goal,โ€ says the defender after the game. โ€œIt wasn‘t a good game. Still, winning is a good feeling, even though we need to do much better.โ€
The captain also saw a strong Belgium with a clear tactic. โ€œOf course, they want to pull us apart with a lot of movement from the attackers. They have the individual qualities with Hazard and De Bruyne. As defenders, we had to change positions a lot. So it was hard work, but we won. We play against one of the best teams in the world. Of course, we knew it was going to be difficult with those individual forces with them. But we kept the zero and won, and that’
s the most important thing.โ€
With this victory, the Netherlands will go to the World Cup in Qatar with three points in its pocket. Of course, Van Dijk also hopes that it will be a great tournament. โ€œGoing to the World Cup with confidence and hope. We know that we can do it and that there are few teams that can win from us. I just hope that we can go to a very special World Cup with a nice group.โ€