Van Drongelen Speaks Out on Fatal Accident for First Time: ‘Airbag Saved Me’

Rick van Drongelen has spoken out about his violent car accident for the first time. The defender, who is still walking around with visible scars, states that the airbag saved him.
Almost two months ago, Van Drongelen was involved in a fatal accident. Reportedly, the other driver (18) ended up on the wrong side of the road, causing him to collide with Van Drongelen. The central defender who then played on rent at KV Mechelen had to be taken to the hospital. The oncoming traffic was killed. Now that Van Drongelen is back at Union Berlin, he tells his story. โ€œI was lucky. The airbag saved me,โ€ he tells BILD.
The stopper is happy to be able to play football again. There are still scars visible on Van Drongelen‘s body after the accident. โ€œEverything is fine,โ€ he assures. โ€œI’m glad to be here (at Union, ed.) again.โ€ After the clash, Van Drongelen no longer played a match for Mechelen.