Van Duijvenbode: ‘I was just shaking in the final phase’

How happy he was with his sensational quarter-final place at the World Darts World Cup in London? โ€œWell, just happy,โ€ said Dirk van Duijvenbode monter after he had narrowly eliminated the Englishman Glen Durrant with 4-3. At a backlog of 1-3, the 28-year-old Dutchman seemed unnecessarily lost. However, he fought back strongly after which in the last laying of the seventh set he best kept his nerves in control, partly thanks to a ‘smile therapy’.

โ€œ I didn‘t feel perfect on stageโ€, Van Duijvenbode admitted to RTL7. โ€œI felt negative energy. I talked to my coach about that beforehand. If I lose, I’m not home with old and new, I told him, because then I would first have to test and wait another day for the results. If I win, I wouldn‘t be home either, but it doesn’t matter. So then he said, โ€œWhat would you rather have: that cup in your hands or celebrate the New Year at home?โ€ Yes, there was nothing I could do about that, I had to agree with him.โ€

Nevertheless, Van Duijvenbode continued to feel uncomfortable during the whimsical match against Durrant, the triple world champion at the BDO. โ€œI felt like I was better than him the whole game. That‘s why I thought: how can I be behind with 3-1? I saw my average continuously being 10 or 11 points higher. It was a little bad luck and a little distraction. It all didn’t come together.โ€

Van Duijvenbode: โ€œIn the final phase I almost peed in my pants from the tension. I was just shaking, but I thought, โ€œEnjoy it, enjoy the excitement, because it doesn‘t always stay like that. That’s why I used to laugh sometimes. I think that‘s why I was able to win. I’ve laughed off the excitement.โ€