Van Engelshoven performance at Uitmarkt arouses astonishment

The performance of demissionary culture minister Ingrid van Engelshoven on the Uitmarkt on Sunday night provoked a lot of astonishment on social media. The warrior awarded a Musical Award and called all over the Netherlands to buy theater tickets.

But her presence at the opening party of the cultural season did not fall for everyone in good earth. Many viewers noted that Van Engelshoven himself took the stage as if she understood that the demissionary cabinet hasnt done much for the theatre makers over the past year.

โ€œVan Engelshoven looks a little scared. And I understand that. What a blamage,โ€ says musical star Bastiaan Ragas on Twitter.

Francis van Broekhuizen, protagonist in The Sound of Music, didnt know what she saw. โ€œI havent seen or heard our Minister Van Engelshoven for a long time and our cabinet has roughly ruined culture and now she dares to award a prize???? On-praise!!!โ€ , she writes.